Wednesday, 19 September 2007

First post of new blog!


I'm Andy, you might know my post-black metal project Caina (
This blog is going to consist of random lists, links, my outspoken and inarticulate opinions about music, films and culture, updates for my band, potentially illegal incitements to violence, Alan's Funny Stories, and every metalheads favourite non-pornography based internet info - PICTURES OF SERIAL KILLERS.

Okay, everything except for the last one.




Hexed said...

Hey, looking forward to reading the noise in your head! Good to see so much USBM on your metal list, too.

Dominic said...

Not so much French BM though, which is surprising - if you've not heard Blut Aus Nord and Deathspell Omega, you're missing out...

Andy said...

But Deathspell Omega is on the are at least 3 other groupes Francais.
Plus, it's a list of my favourites, as opposed to everything I've heard. I'm afraid that BAN haven't excited me much since The Work That Transforms God...

Dominic said...


Why, so they are.

I retract my feeble attempt to one-up your French BM awareness rating.